Why We Don’t Vaccinate For Overseas Travel

Why We Don’t Vaccinate For Overseas Travel

Vaccines And Overseas Travel

I’m currently overseas in Thailand with my family, so what better time to delve straight into the topic of why we don’t vaccinate for overseas travel.

There seems to be a lot of myths and misinformation on this subject.  For some reason many parents who are strongly against vaccines will suddenly get anxious about travelling overseas.   It can shock and even anger some people when you mention that you did such a daring thing as travel overseas with your child and their fully functioning healthy immune system.  Maybe its the thought of unfamiliar exotic locations and unknown diseases that creates so much fear.  No matter what you believe, it’s always a good idea to dispel the myths and get familiar with the facts.

Are Travel Vaccines Mandatory?

We’ve been told for years that to travel to certain countries we must get all the recommended vaccines for that country, but are they really needed?

It’s important to realise that travel vaccinations to most counties are recommended.  They aren’t mandatory.  There are only a few exceptions and these are mostly for the Yellow Fever vaccine (these are listed on the W.H.O website). Generally you are  free to opt out if you choose.  

Many of these illnesses are extremely rare and can be treated successfully with antibiotics.  Typhoid for example is one tropical disease that rarely results in death and can be treated easily with antibiotics, yet the vaccine which is recommended for travel to some countries.

Side Effects Of Travel Vaccinations

There are some serious side effects that can occur with travel vaccinations.  Take the yellow fever vaccine for example (this is recommended for many south American and African countries).   Some of the more serious side effects include neurological conditions such as encephalitis or organ failure (resembling wild type yellow fever).  The hepatitis A vaccine is also recommended for many countries.  Some of the more serious side effects listed on the package insert include guillain-barre syndrome, multiple sclerosis, hepatitis, neuropathy and anaphylaxis.

Vaccines Aren’t Safe or Effective

It doesn’t matter what vaccine it is or what country you are travelling to, the truth is that vaccines aren’t effective. They have a suppressing effect on the immune system, due to their toxic nature, and the last thing we want when we are about to travel overseas is a suppressed immune system. What we need when we travel anywhere is a healthy strong immune system.  This can only come about from healthy lifestyle choices.  It can’t come about from injecting polysorbate 80, aluminium and other toxic ingredients.

“If we look at the science of the vaccination process itself, it’s becoming evident that the way they do the immunization, sticking the vaccine into your muscle, or your arm, or your leg… actually suppresses a lot of the immune system, particularly in young children. We found out that, in fact, it causes the immune system to switch to what we call Th2 type cytokine production, which inhibits immunity.

Your major protection against viruses, particularly the really virulent, deadly viruses and bacteria is your cellular immunity. Well, vaccines don’t stimulate cellular immunity at all, in fact they suppress it. And it’s known, if you look on the CDC site, they’ll tell you, for instance, if the child gets a Hib vaccine, for two weeks they’re much more likely to get Hib and to die from it than they would if you didn’t give them the vaccine.

We see the same thing with the MMR vaccine, the measles virus, rubella virus are immunosuppressant, just like the HIV virus.”

— Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon

Vaccines have an immune suppressing effect. As Dr Blaylock explains they also result in a higher likelihood of you contracting the disease you are wanting to avoid. This isn’t exactly what we want when we are travelling, yet it’s exactly what we are recommended to do.

Natural Immune Support For Travel

Although I don’t vaccinate for travel, I do take some precautions.  I like to be prepared just in case anyone does get sick. I will always make sure I pack a natural medicine kit with some probiotics and other natural remedies to support the immune system.  If you are feeling fearful of a particular disease it could also be wise to look into the homeopathic nosode for the disease.  Many of these such as the yellow fever nosode have proven to be highly effective and provide a safe alternative to vaccination.

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